Sunday, July 31, 2011

asteroid 2005 yu55: how big is huge asteroid?

asteroid 2005 yu55: how big is huge asteroid?
Near Earth Object Asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass within moon's orbit on Nov 8th at a distance no closer than 203,000 miles from Earth. An animation of the close flyby is available here. A article, "Huge Asteroid to Pass Near Earth in November," terms the quarter mile diameter asteroid as huge and on the potentially dangerous list. There will be radar studies done by Arecibo and Goldstone Observatories of this unusual opportunity. How close will the asteroid be to the Moon? The only source providing a distance here, says, 149,000 miles. You will still need a telescope to view it late on Nov 8th or early Nov 9th.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

kissinger in charge of flying saucers program

kissinger in charge of flying saucers program
A recent article at UFO Digest, "Dr. Henry Kissinger's UFO Role Revealed," quotes wife of late Dr Eric Wang, who reverse engineered UFOs at Kirtland AFB, NM before his death in 1960. "He [Kissinger] is deeply involved in the Flying Saucer Program...In fact, he was completely in charge," revealed Mrs. Wang in 1984. Tony Brunt, a New Zealand UFO researcher, writing in Part 4 of a series of small ebooks, (.pdf download), "Secret History And Why Barack Obama Must End It," is the very readable source--a must read! Who was Henry Kissinger performing duties on behalf of? It's likely, Kissinger played a top intelligence role. Was it primarily to place Paperclip Scientists? Was it to devise a strategy for dealing with extraterrestrial threat? Was it mainly a psychological operation?

Friday, July 29, 2011

weather warfare: great flood of 1993 revisited

weather warfare: great flood of 1993 revisited
The recent flooding of Mississippi and Missouri Rivers in 2011 makes a review of the 'Great Flood of 1993' a pertinent topic worthy of attention. In an article titled "Tesla Weather Control Over America", researcher C.B. Baker noted, "the Midwest Deluge had anomalous characteristics that were similar to many previous weather-war operations. Across the Midwest corn-belt, it has rained in Biblical proportions - 49 straight days, often in torrents (18 July 1993, NEW YORK TIMES). 'We've got flooding where we haven't seen much before (said Lary Black, a hydrologist for the National Weather Service' (7 July 1993, NEW YORK TIMES)."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

blue lightning: a new esoteric nuclear reaction

blue lightning: a new esoteric nuclear reaction
Freelance journalist Yoichi Shimatsu reports on a new esoteric form of nuclear reaction called "blue lightning" in recent article, "Why Underground Entombment At Fukushima Daiichi Won't Work". "A shocking discovery at Fukushima was that zirconium (used as a 'transparent' - allowing passage of neutrons - protective cladding around the fuel rods) when superheated can become a catalyst for an esoteric type of nuclear fission. At extreme temperatures, zirconium ignites even the tiniest quantities of airborne nuclear isotopes, releasing 'blue lightning'. This means that zirconium catalysis could also be occurring underground, triggering mini-fission events. This sort of nuclear reaction is terra incognita, a yet unexplored frontier of physics, the joker in the deck."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ufo documentary smorgasbord

ufo documentary smorgasbord
Are you tired of reading? You can take in top UFO documentaries online for free! There is Out of the Blue, Phoenix Lights, Hard Evidence, and Dan Aykroyd weighs in with his opinion on UFOs. It's quite a menu available for your consumption! You may prefer a guide, Best UFO Resources offers summaries along with links to videos? There are hours of UFO documentaries available just a click away!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

kecksburg revisited on ground zero: live with stan gordon

kecksburg revisited on ground zero: live with stan gordon
The 1965 Kecksburg UFO sighting remains one of the top incidents in history. Clyde Lewis writes nice summary of the Kecksburg Acorn "FALLEN ANGEL CASE: KECKSBURG 2011," asking all the right questions. Lewis sees a possible connection to 1947 Roswell craft, sent to Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio and the Kecksburg, PA incident. The Kecksburg UFO with " hierogylphs" on its base, was  hauled away on a flatbed truck in a matter of hours after the late afternoon crash of December 9. A truck driver reported, two years later, a large delivery of ceramic bricks to Wright Patterson, where he saw "the acorn" and left with impression bricks were meant to entomb the object. John Murphy, news director at nearby WHJB, was one of first to reach the site and produced a documentary, "Object in the Woods."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

modern ufo era dawns with 1947 maury island, kenneth arnold sightings

modern ufo era dawns with 1947 maury island, kenneth arnold sightings
The Maury Island Incident of June 21, 1947 and Kenneth Arnold sighting near Mt Rainier WA, three days later, represent the dawn of modern UFO era. The latter incident is also when "saucers" came into the American lexicon, a description given by Arnold of their flight, "[like] a saucer skipped across water". The Maury Island case remains an enigma as many believe it a hoax. Harold Dahl spotted several donut-shaped UFOs with one in trouble, while at work on a boat near the island. A slag-like material dropped from the distressed UFO that struck Dahl's boat, injuring his son and killing the family dog. Fred Crisman, who was Dahl's boss, is informed of the boat's damage. The story gets weird when Dahl receives an implied threat from a "Men In Black" (MIB), who invited Dahl to breakfast the very next morning. Dahl reports later his son disappeared to turn up waiting tables in Montana without any memory how he got there?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

7/21 defcon: scandals! murder! arrests!

#PhoneHacking updates:
You Can’t Tell the Scandal Without a Scorecard!*

#phonehacking updates: you can't tell the scandal without a scorecard!
London Police Chief Quits Over Phone Hacking Scandal*
Sean Hoare dead: News of the World phone hacking whistleblower feared for his life*
Murdoch Eavesdropping Op Amateurish Next to U.S. and UK Snooping*
video: Murdoch Hit with Custard Pie*
LulzSec Defaces Murdoch Paper With Mogul’s Fake Death Notice*
video: Roseanne says Murdoch 'tapped my phones' and is 'going down'*
Feds Arrest 14 ‘Anonymous’ Suspects Over PayPal Attack, Raid Dozens More*
Anonymous To Build Its Own Social Network Called AnonPlus*
Feds Indict Hacktivist For “Stealing” Public Domain Data*
Reddit cofounder charged with massive data theft*
This Is Data Retention. Would You Give It To Any Future Government?*
One if by Land, Two if by Sea and Three if by Cyberspace*
Judge Grants Google ‘Street View’ Wiretap Appeal*
Losing Your Memory? Stop Googling, Turn Off Your GPS and Stop Watching Violence on TV*
Full Speed Ahead For Facial Recognition Technology*
Apple OS X Lion: ‘Apple borrows so heavily from iOS that at times, cycling through features makes the whole thing feel like you’re merely operating an iPad with a keyboard attached.’*

a new view of stuxnet role in fukushima disaster

a new view of stuxnet role in fukushima disaster
Freelance journalist Jim Stone has recently uncovered new information and blows the lid off Fukushima "natural" disaster! In an appropriately titled article by Stone, "Did Dimona Dozen Murder Fukushima 50," simply deconstructs tragedy with a step by step progression of events that have ring of truth! A crucial turn was when Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran. "Immediately, Israel sets up front companies masquerading as security companies, and one of them succeeds in getting a security contract at a Japanese nuclear facility. 4 months later the Dimona Dozen shows up, and under the cover of a security contract gets unlimited access to the heart of Fukushima. They plant the virus, install real cameras outside the facility, and functional poorly disguised nuke cameras inside the facility. In addition to this, they install an unauthorized data connection to allow control of all the guts of the facility via the virus."

space shuttle atlantis touches down, ending an era of adventure in space

nasa employees weep at kennedy space centre as half a century of american dominance in space comes to a close
from guardian: She roared into the heavens a fortnight ago atop a column of fire, enthralling a million spectators as she set off on her final voyage. But the space shuttle Atlantis slipped quietly back to port on Thursday at the end of her five-million-mile journey, gently lowering the curtain on three extraordinary decades of adventure in human space flight.

NASA's space shuttle era officially came to a close at 5.57am (10.57am BST) when the orbiter and its crew of four astronauts touched down at a remote runway in the northern reaches of Florida's Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, watched by a few hundred space agency workers and reporters who turned out before dawn to witness a moment of history.

Like a ship's bell ringing a vessel safely back home, two deafening sonic booms pierced the Florida sky to signal Atlantis's otherwise silent arrival, and the last few seconds of the 135th and final mission since the first launch of Columbia in April 1981.

It was day of celebration and raw emotion, with NASA employees openly weeping on the runway in front of the newly retired shuttle, and Chris Ferguson, the Atlantis commander, paying a moving tribute to it and the rest of the spacecraft fleet. "The space shuttle has changed the way we view the world and it's changed the way we view our universe," he said moments after landing.

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Race to the Moon Heats Up for Private Firms*
NASA says robots are key to future space exploration*
No Stranger To Spaceships, New Mexico Builds A Spaceport*
One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Corporations*
Fabric From Flag Taken to Moon Is Sold for $45,000*
Fourth Pluto moon found*
Cape Doctor Says He’s Not Leading Survivalist Group And Has Been Harassed By Believers In ‘Planet X’*

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elenin FAQ For The Worried

elenin faq for the worried
Is 2012 Doomsday to occur instead in October 2011? Universe Today presents Astroblogger Ian Musgrave's FAQ fact sheet about Comet Elenin to dismiss nonsense and quell concerns. Musgrave points out we've been closer to other comets with no ill effects. Elenin's tidal force will be one billionth of the Moon's effect on the Earth. Musgrave does a good job to marshall facts, dismissing hysteria of "Doom and Gloom Brigades". Musgrave uses Sky Map to argue alignments were nowhere near the times of the Chilean earthquake or the Tsunami that hit Japan. The article also points out, "we have been through bigger and denser comet tails before with no effect whatsoever," the Great Comet of 1861 is used for comparison. "For a while the Earth was actually within the comet's tail, and the inhabitants of this planet had a brief but giddy view of streams of cometary material converging towards the distant nucleus. By day also the Sun was dimmed as the Earth plowed through the comet's gas and dust."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

comets and coherent catastrophism: elenin and great comet of 1811

comets and coherent catastrophism: elenin and great comet of 1811
Are there similarities between the Great Comet of 1811 and Elenin? There is a buzz on the net about parallels between the two comets such as flooding, low sun activity, a cold winter and earthquakes. "Most geologists and scientists believe that most earthquakes occur during new and full moons. With new moons the most likely. But when you have new and full moons on days that also equal their apogee or perigee, then you have a 'supermoon', this is what some of them, Jim Berkland for example, believe is the window for the most Oct., we have a full moon on the 11th, with the moon apogee on Oct 12th. We have a new moon on Oct 26th, but we also have the moon perigee on, yep, Oct 26th. Now, the JPL say that comet Elenin will make its closest approach on Oct 16th. Right in the middle of the full and new moon and the apogee and perigee, leading up to the 26th that is the new moon, perigee, and passing comet all on the same day. Not saying it means anything but kinda makes you wonder?" The last observations do make for an interesting October! Comet Elenin reaches closest approach to Earth on Oct. 16th in the middle of the full and new moons, apogee and perigee, which provide additional gravitational stresses on a heavenly body such as a comet. An event where the Earth crosses a comet's path leads to a hypothesis called coherent catastrophism.

Monday, July 18, 2011

paleofuture: a look back to retro-futures

paleofuture: a look back to retro-futures
Matt Novak, editor of Paleofuture magazine, finds interesting images from the past with a view to the future! Jean-Marc Cote, a French artist, was commissioned in 1899 to produce a deck of cards to depict life in the year 2000, as a French celebration of the 20th Century. A single deck of cards was ever produced due to the company going out of business. Novak finds a book by Isaac Asimov, "'Futuredays' is a card-by-card analysis of these retro-futuristic artifacts and does a wonderful job of putting them into historical context for modern readers." The present writer sees these art forms as very interesting on a psychological level. Novak collects items from the past categorized by decade dating back to the 1870s. There is even Paleofuture TV. It's good stuff. The present writer wonders only, if Novak represents a paleofuturist or would digging up items from the past about the future be a paleofuture archaeologist?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

astronomers should be glad to see intense interest in space

astronomers should be glad to see intense interest in space
David Morrison, an astronomer at NASA Ames Research Center, compensates for those with little in their skeptical toolkit by lambasting Nibiru-Earth collision hysteria on the net. "Morrison estimates that there are 2 million websites discussing the impending Nibiru-Earth collision. He receives, on average, five email inquiries about Nibiru every day. 'At least a once a week I get a message from a young person — as young as 11 — who says they are ill and/or contemplating suicide because of the coming doomsday,' Morrison told Life's Little Mysteries, a sister site to" The present writer did a quick search to see how many hits come up for "Nibiru-Earth collision," approximately 703,000 hits, according to Google's search engine.The present writer is just following the skeptic's approach with a little fact check!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

elenin arrives oct. 28, 2011: hype or history?

A Camelot Roundtable video conference, Elenin (link to synopsis), offers new input into mystery comet headed towards Earth. Michael Salla, of, provides nice summary of presenters in a recent Examiner article. Richard C. Hoagland began conference with "...presentation on the significance of Elenin's orbit, and why this pointed to...either an artificial object under intelligent control (an ancient spacecraft) or a natural body (a comet) that has been deliberately launched on an artificial orbit. He placed special emphasis on Elenin's perihelion (closest point to the sun) on September 11, 2011 as evidence that this was a result of artificial design to draw attention to the profound geopolitical events that occurred ten years earlier." Hoagland also noted coincidence on November 9, 2011 of FEMA Homeland Security Test and Asteroid 2005YU55 passing within 200,000 miles of Earth.

south pole timelapse video reveals nibiru trailing sun

Donnie Gillson of Freedomizer Radio, provides analysis of strange anamolies captured on Neumayer Station webcam at the South Pole. Gillson,  an Elenin researcher, attempts a step-by-step approach to several anomalies captured by the Neumayer Station webcam. The 15 minute record of images captured July 14th, begin with three researchers in radiation suits pointing at the sky! The station seems inundated with light energy at points. Gillson does commendable job, asking questions but several strange images defy explanation. The Elenin researcher believes Nibiru (pictured), is trailing the Sun in one image, he also points out a large object next to the Sun in another and to a "second Sun" later in video. Gillson believes researchers are dumbfounded, and of course, the truth held from the rest of the us! Was the research station hit by a solar flare? Is the area inundated with ionized radiation and reason for protective suits? The images are, undeniably, some of the strangest ever! It's fascinating and must see!

Friday, July 15, 2011

phoenix haboob lights

The Haboob video posted on the CNN website, created a stir when lights were spotted! Is it another Phoenix Lights sighting in the making? Jason McClellan at does an excellent job explaining the two lights were probably a helicopter (stationary light just above rolling clouds) and an airliner that had to make another pass at the airport (moving light at very top of picture). Kathie Bechmann's commentary on CNN video, would have you believe it's an UFO from all appearances. A Russian Today video provides perspective that probably came from the stationary light (a helicopter) of the plane flying through the Haboob. A viewer can be fooled by an optical illusion.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

7/14 defcon: murdoch's watergate, military meltdown & more

hacking scandal could be murdoch's watergate*
hacking scandal could be murdoch's watergate
video: rupert murdoch's son could be prosecuted by US*
video: murdoch papers could have hacked US phones as well*
update: news corp uk newspaper ceo brooks resigns*
washington post website jobs section hacked*
anonymous hacks monsanto computers; posts employee info*
hackers claim they exposed booz allen hamilton data*
'military meltdown monday' - 90k military usernames, hashes released*
how digital detectives deciphered stuxnet, the most menacing malware in history*
stuxnet timeline shows correlation among events*
wi-fi–hacking neighbor from hell sentenced to 18yrs*
smart meters deconstructed*
zuckerberg & google elite hit google+ privacy button*
google turning us into forgetful morons*
cbs faked 4th of july fireworks display*

rocks on the brain: dawn mission to enter vesta orbit soon

rocks on the brain: dawn mission to enter vesta orbit soonDo you think anyone that's interested in the Dawn mission at Vesta has rocks on their brain? How can anyone get worked up about a rock in the asteroid belt, you ask? You must wonder though: What might be discovered in the next year that Dawn orbits the asteroid? The latest NASA update on the Dawn Mission reports that "...the spacecraft to be captured into orbit at approximately 10 p.m. PDT Friday, July 15 (1 a.m. EDT Saturday, July 16)...When Vesta captures Dawn into its orbit, engineers estimate there will be approximately 9,900 miles (16,000 kilometers) between them." There could be the next monolith discovery or a sudden loss of the craft by a rapidly approaching UFO? The Dawn Mission is to provide answers to questions about the formation of our solar system. You have to wonder what else they have in mind - you just never know and it's a reason to keep track!

'fight the net': pentagon unveils 'defensive' cyberwar strategy

'fight the net': pentagon unveils 'defensive' cyberwar strategy
from time: The Pentagon rolled out its new cyber-defense strategy Thursday, hyping it with the news that foreign hackers (from an unidentified country) invaded the computers of one of its (unidentified) contractors in March and pilfered 24,000 sensitive documents in one fell swoop. Cyber-security is a Pentagon growth area, make no mistake about. Lord knows, I've contributed to the deluge. But it's one of those arcane areas where progress is hard to measure. Is the threat as dire as sometimes portrayed? It's important to realize that the Pentagon doesn't store real secrets on networks linked to the Internet. Nonetheless, the press can't resist stories about offensive cyber warfare. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn, who unveiled the new cyber strategy, told an audience at the National Defense University in Washington that "crucial" files -- not "secret" or "top secret" -- have been stolen in recent years. Much taken was of little value, he said: "But a great deal of it concerns our most sensitive systems, including aircraft avionics, surveillance technologies, satellite communications systems and network security protocols." Over breakfast Thursday, Marine General James Cartwright, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said the Pentagon's current emphasis on cyber defense needs to change. It's currently 90% defensive and 10% offensive; he said those numbers need to be swapped. "This strategy talks more about how we are going to defend the networks," he said. "The next iteration will have to start to talk about here's a strategy that says to the attacker, ‘If you do this, the price to you is going to go up.'" Safe bet the price to us is going to go up, too.

related updates: former cia head keith alexander says we should 'build a new internet to improve cybersecurity'*
pentagon perception manager knows how to manipulate search engine algorithm*

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

james fox ufo video: 'i know what i saw'

james fox ufo video: 'i know what i saw'
The I Know What I Saw website provides the following synopsis of a UFO film by James Fox. "'I Know What I Saw' is a new UFO documentary guaranteed to change the way we see the universe. Director, James Fox assembled the most credible UFO witnesses from around the world to testify at The National Press Club in Washington D.C.: Air Force Generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries tell stories that, as Governor Fife Symington from Arizona stated, 'will challenge your reality'." The film includes interviews of former Iranian pilot Parviz Jafari, who related his 1976 UFO encounter over Tehran. There's also several interviews of Stephenville, TX residents, who witnessed in January 2008 a huge silent UFO there. The descriptions are very similiar in both the Stephenville, TX UFO and those of the craft to literally fly over much of Arizona in the Phoenix Lights case. It's a huge dull matte black finish or bluish black UFO that blocks out much of the sky and has a wavy "heat mirage" image quality. The present writer keeps thinking the military is laughing at us "plebs". A well-done film that is well worth 90 minutes of your time.

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165 years after discovery, neptune completes first orbit*

scientists punch a hole in the fabric of time with a 'time cloak'*
washington post 1983: planet x discovered?*

dear netflix: people really hate the price hike & threaten to cancel

but #NavigatingNetflix will always be free...
dear netflix: people really hate the price hike & threaten to cancel
from reuters: Subscribers have been up in arms since Netflix announced a changed pricing structure on Tuesday that will raise the price for a combined DVD and streaming subscription from $10 to $16 a month. The company is also offering DVD-only and streaming-only subscriptions for $8 a month each, but most people don’t seem to like the prospect of having to choose: The Netflix blog has seen more than 4,200 comments, most of which are negative, with a number of customers threatening to cancel.

Countless consumers have also turned to the company’s Facebook page, with negative feedback far outweighing any other kind of response. And on Twitter, the discussion around the plan changes has made “DVDs” an unlikely trending topics in a number of cities...
[see also "dear netflix"]

What does all of this uproar mean for Netflix? Of course, it’s unlikely that any price increase would be met with a thumbs-up by many consumers. However, the intensity of the backlash seems to suggest that Netflix really does have a problem.

Netflix has long enjoyed a lot of good will from its customers, simply due to the breadth of its DVD offering. Consumers tolerated the lack of selection in the company’s streaming catalog because it was seen as a value-add to their existing DVD subscription. Recent hiccups, such as Sony removing titles from the streaming catalog, also didn’t lead to many complaints.

However, with streaming and DVDs effectively being separated from each other and users being forced to pay twice as much, many customers are seemingly losing their patience with Netflix. The company may have to go back and do a better job at explaining these changes — or even unveil some great new streaming catalog additions before the September 1 deadline that will force people to pay more, choose between streaming and DVDs or cancel altogether.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

secret world war between hostile greys/dracos and humanity

Has World War III already started? Is it between the United States and Russia or China--or even Iran? No, Michael Prince informs the war already underway, is, between humanity and hostile ETs, more specifically Greys and Dracos! Alfred Lambremont Webre writes in an Examiner article, the story of a test tube baby, alien-DNA enhanced, trained to be an assassin cyborg super solider. Whew! Michael Prince born in 1976 in London, asserts, he's a product of Project Mannequin. The project started in 1972 is still run from an underground base AL/499 in Peasemore, Berkshire, England, according to his book, "James Casbolt MI6 - Buried Alive" (ch 1-7 pdf). The project is a mind control and genetic manipulation program! Michael Prince aka James Casbolt relates his personal progression from test tube baby, training subjected to growing up and implants. Webre, who lives in British Columbia, covers story that has much of its roots at Fort Nelson, BC.

Monday, July 11, 2011

inuits attest earth may have tilted on axis

inuits attest earth may have titled on axis
Is a pole shift underway? Has a small shift already occurred? Inuit Eskimos believe Earth may have tilted on its axis. The Sun is higher in sky with more direct sunlight and sets in different location on horizon, according to these hunters, who watch their environment closely. Eskimos also relate strong east winds dominate and bring bad weather, there are more south winds and few north winds. The pole shift theory has become a cottage industry, but one place you can start your own research is at the National Geographic website.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

gilgamesh & search for life, part 2

gilgamesh & search for life, part 2
In the Epic of Gilgamesh, part 1, the semi-divine Sumerian King made a hasty retreat from 'The Landing Place' in the Cedar Mountains after Inanna asked Anu to send the Bull of Heaven to smite the King for rebuffing her.The Bull is slain by Enkidu after catching up with Gilgamesh and his android companion, outside of Uruk. At the Abode of the Gods, the Supreme Gods considered Inanna's complaint and deliberated whether the King and his companion should die? Anu communicated to Enlil, his son, both should die because of the loss of  Huwawa and the Bull of Heaven. Enlil felt Gilgamesh should live. Shamash/Utu pointed out Gilgamesh consented to these acts and Enkidu was his innocent companion alongside to aid him. A compromise was reached and punishment meted out for Enkidu, was to serve hard labor in the depth of the mines.

google+ leading to 'creepy' omnipresence online?

google+ leading to 'creepy' omnipresence online?
from pcworld: Google+'s creepy integration everwhere may extend your online identity when you surf, and its social Circles can be very useful and flexible. But it remains to be seen how Google's foray into social networking will lead to a stable version of identity online like what Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt talked up at a recent event. After all, the identity you can build on Google+ right now is almost identical to the one you can build on Facebook -- the same profile, pictures and status updates. The main difference right now is the friends you can add to your Circles, due to the problems Google's been having with letting people into the system, which Schmidt cites as Google+'s biggest hiccup. Given all the hatred for Facebook over privacy and security snafus, it seems to me the issue on the Internet is not just lack of identity, but lack of control over your personal persona online. At the recent event, Schmidt shared some of his thoughts on the newly launched Google+. He implied that the Google+ system is designed for building identity -- the real issue of the Internet. As Tech Crunch reports, Schmidt said Google tried to build a system that you could use for relationships over time. "Circles is particularly well-suited to the contact list you have in your phone," he was quoted as saying. Schmidt is right about one thing. We don't need another Facebook, and online social interaction could definitely use more authenticity. Schmidt said more products are planned for Google+. Let's hope they include strong privacy controls and actually useful applications, lest Google+ turns into just another social obligation.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

US suspects some foreign-made components threaten cybersecurity

US suspects some foreign-made components threaten cybersecurity
from abcnews: Some foreign-made computer components are being manufactured to make it easier to launch cyber attacks on U.S. companies and consumers, a security official at the the Department of Homeland Security said. "I am aware of instances where that has happened," said Greg Schaffer, who is the Acting Deputy Undersecretary National Protection and Programs Director at the DHS. Schaffer did not say where specifically these components are coming from or elaborate on how they could be manufactured in such a way as to facilitate a cyber attack. But Schaffer's comment confirms that the U.S. government believes some electronics manufacturers have included parts in products that could make U.S. consumers and corporations more vulnerable to targeted cyber attacks. A device tampered with prior to distribution or sale could act as a "Trojan horse" in the opening wave of an international cyberwar. Contaminated products could be used to jeopardize the entire network. The admission by Schaffer came out Thursday after repeated questioning from Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on cyber threats. ABC News previously reported that the FBI was investigating a case in which counterfeit Cisco routers were being sold to various government agencies but this is the first time that a government official has confirmed that the threat is real.

international space station: 1998 to present

international space station: 1998 to present
Assembly of the International Space Station (ISS) ranks as an engineering feat from first launch in 1998 to first occupants in November, 2000 to tenth year of continued occupation and beyond. An excellent informative flash movie of the ISS taking shape over years and a Scientific American slideshow presentation, are must viewing! A You Tube video of International Space Station immerses viewer in virtual experience--great stuff!

final shuttle launch of sts-135

final shuttle launch of sts-135
The final launch for shuttle program of sts-135 is a sentimental one as it crosses into history. A nice three minute launch video is available here. The NASA website provides details of last mission: "a 12-day mission to the International Space Station. Atlantis carries a crew of four and the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module containing supplies and spare parts for the space station. The STS-135 astronauts are: Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, and Mission Specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim."

nazi ufo movies: weekend roundup

nazi ufo movies: weekend roundupYou can make it a Nazi UFO movie weekend with Nazi UFO Conspiracy and The Aldebaran Mystery. The first film, a well done survey of Nazi high tech, introduces viewer to great inventors of the Third Reich. Werhner von Braun may already be a familiar name as an early rocket scientist. Nazi UFOs goes further with obscure but important names: Jet pioneer Hans von Ohain, Victor Schauberger, Alexander Lippisch and the Horton brothers. A brief history of American UFOs begins with 1947 sightings at Maury Island and by Kenneth Arnold three days later, also, in Washington state to be followed just a few weeks later by the Roswell case. The 1965 Kecksburg, PA "acorn" UFO recovery by the military and its similarity to "Die Glocke" (the Bell) is discussed. The film suggests Nazi UFOs may be result of a search to solve oil dependency and find an aircraft capable of take off without a 800 ft runway. Igor Witkowski, Jerry E Smith and Bill Sweetman participate in film. The best Nazi mystery, left for last, is disappearance of Hans Kammler, who departed in a six engine Junkers 390 in April 1945 and never seen again.

Friday, July 8, 2011

gnostic texts reveal the archon manipulation of mankind

gnostic texts reveal the archon manipulation of mankind
The Gnostics provide us with a better description than any other source of Greys and Reptilians, two types of aliens or ETs depicted in UFO sightings. Author John Lash writes in, "The Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion," "The Gnostic creation myth is unique in that it includes a full-blown explanation of how inorganic alien beings came to be present in our solar system...Physical descriptions of Archons occur in several Gnostic codices. Two types are clearly identified: a neonate or embryonic type, and a draconic or reptilian type. Obviously, these descriptions fit the Greys and Reptilians of contemporary reports to a T. Or I should say, to an ET. " Gnostic knowledge of the Archons ("rulers") appears intricate much of it discovered in 1945 in the Nag Hammadi texts, found near the small town in Upper Egypt of the same name.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

final shuttle sts-135 set to launch 11:26a et, friday

final shuttle sts-135 set  to launch 11:26a et, friday
Who said people have lost interest in space? The final Shuttle mission STS-135 (promo poster pictured), with as many as a million spectators congregating along flight path from launch pad 39A, shows an intense interest to witness this historic event! The launch of Atlantis set for 11:26a ET Friday, is threatened by a rain delay. Bad weather hasn't dampened desire to travel to Cape Canaveral with a 50-mile traffic jam still expected on Friday, according to LA Times story. The final chapter in the Shuttle's 30 year mission has the atmosphere of a top sporting event. You may take in the blast off at Live!

7/7 defcon: the atlantis event & awesome announcements

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nasa's dramatic rescue plan in case of shuttle emergency*
plans to strip mine the moon may soon be more than just sci-fi*
security grifters partner-up on sinister cyber-surveillance project*
army's $2.7b cloud computing system does not work*
hackers are everywhere. panic!*
hackers claim apple security breach*
hacker allegedly breaches florida voting database*
@foxnewspolitics twitter feed hacked; assassination hoax tweeted*
facebook's "awesome" announcement is... skype video chat*
one in three 'overwhelmed by technology'*
video: geocaching treasure hunt leads to uk bomb scare*

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

flooding of biblical proportions along missouri river?

flooding of biblical proportions along missouri river?
An author writing a book on flooding hazards of Missouri River, Bernard Shanks wrote informative commentary on risks, last month. St Louis Total Information AM interviewed Shanks following first wakes of heightened concern. A more recent Shanks interview is available here. The old Fort Peck Dam, in eastern Montana, constructed with a faulty design never used again is still considered a low risk to fail by Shanks. The bad news is if the dam were to fail it would be sudden with little warning. This would heighten risks of five lower dams failing and sweeping radioactive materials stored at Fort Calhoun NE nuclear plant into the flood. Will life jackets, inflatable rafts and Geiger counters be in high demand before the summer is out?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ufotv: planet mars and the world of tomorrow

Is there an established Mars Colony to insure survival of the human race? A UFOTV video by Jim Nichols, "Planet Mars And The World of Tomorrow," is an entertaining collection of "life on Mars" theories or "urban legends". It is, perhaps, best to allow the film to introduce itself with its opening statement that seems to serve dual purpose as a disclaimer:
"The cautionary tale offered in this video essay is an "urban legend" in other words; popular conjecture that cannot be absolutely verified. It may be viewed as clever disinformation, preposterous lies, entertaining fiction or a deeply disturbing truth! None the less...You'll likely find this an amazing story."

murdoch tabloid under fire after hacking into murder victims phones

even families of 7/7 victims 'were targets of phone hacking'*
murdoch tabloid under fire after hacking into murder victims phones
from guardian: Police officers investigating phone hacking by the News of the World are turning their attention to examine every high-profile case involving the murder, abduction or attack on any child since 2001 in response to the revelation that journalists from the tabloid newspaper hacked into the voicemail messages of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler. The move is a direct response to the Guardian's exclusive story on Monday that a private investigator working for the News International tabloid, Glenn Mulcaire, caused Milly's parents to wrongly believe she was still alive – and interfered with police inquiries into her disappearance – by hacking into the teenager's mobile phone and deleting messages. News of the impending police action capped a dramatic day of unfolding developments in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

update: no more news of the world -
murdoch journalists stunned by paper's closure

Monday, July 4, 2011

fort calhoun: fukushima in slow motion

fort calhoun: fukushima in slow motion
A pictured subtitle, whether nuclear waste is a threat, captures sense of low regard for viewers. Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku, on the other hand, provides some insight into the dangers at both Los Alamos and Fort Calhoun, NE in a recent interview. It's a good thing that Los Alamos doesn't store nuclear bombs there, but a bad thing there are barrels of nuclear waste on site. Kaku provides best insight into potential tragedy at flooded Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, " Fukushima in slow motion." It only "takes 36 hours for water to boil off" once water pumps fail, says Kaku. The physicist put threshold for flooding pumps at an additional two feet, at that point, "it would be Fukushima 2.0." Will this year be remembered as the very tense nuclear summer of 2011?

annunaki agenda: perfect slave project

A semi-retired southeast Texas obstetrician, Dr Jack Pruett, heard Zecharia Sitchin on the radio, five years ago, and never looked back as related on a recent Coast to Coast AM show. Dr Pruett, who delivered over 5,000 babies and worked with Dr Ron Paul, submerged himself into ancient near East and Biblical studies. The result is a new book, "The Grandest Deception," and by no means a regurgitation of Sitchin's work, the conclusions are more controversial. The author believes the human race remains a project, and concludes, the Annunaki are molding human genome until perfectly obedient and subservient slaves are obtained. The human race only has value in our service to them, observes Pruett. The individual is of little value in the Annunaki view, because of our short life spans. A human individual life is too brief compared to the long-lived Annunaki to appreciate us. There are more controversial views on Jesus and the New World Order. The present writer respects an author, who expresses an honest opinion, but wonders where subversion of religion will lead?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

major donald keyhoe: early pioneer of ufology

major donald keyhoe: early pioneer of ufology
Major Donald Keyhoe, already an established writer, turned UFO researcher when editor Kevin Purdy of True magazine asked him to investigate early sightings in 1949. The Thomas F Mantell incident, a Kentucky Air National Guard pilot, who crashed to his death on January 7, 1948 in a Mustang P51 while in pursuit of a UFO, was among cases Keyhoe asked to examine. Mantell is assumed to have blacked out while in a steep climb. The observed UFO was reported from several vantage points: a control tower at Fort Knox, a Kentucky State Patrolman and observers at an Army air field in Ohio. The two surviving P51 pilots, also in pursuit, saw an object but called it later small and indistinct. The loss of life made UFO phenomena a much more serious issue after Mantell's reported death. The article written by Keyhoe sold well and expanded into the 1950 book (link to a freely available .pdf formatted version), "The Flying Saucers are Real," which sold over half a million copies.

electronic frontier foundation: know your rights

electronic frontier foundation: know your rights
It's a sign of the times, but, you may want to know your digital rights before the suits knock at your door. The Electronic Frontier Foundation website provides a Q&A section with helpful tips. The best tips are the same whenever dealing with law enforcement: 1) don't consent to a search 2) don't answer questions and 3) ask for a lawyer. A printable pdf file of the Q&A is available here. You can take an EFF quiz here to check your digital rights IQ!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

hacker hijacks xbox, sends swat to home

from kprc: It looked like the scene out of a video game; and indeed an Xbox was behind a SWAT team invading a suburban Florida home. The SWAT invasion turned out to be a hoax, but police aren’t laughing. The family at the butt of the joke, on the other hand, can't tell their tale without a bit of a smile. "I come out of my room and they've got their guns pointed at me and stuff," said Hunter Gelinas. "I open my door and I had the whole SWAT team down in the front door. I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to die.'"

It turned out that a hacker had gotten access to Hunter's Xbox and put in a call to police. His mother, Daleann Gelinas, said that the hacker used "a handicapped line, saying that Hunter had been stabbed and the parents and other people being held hostage at the house." Neighbors watched in awe as police poured down their street. "They all had their guns up like they were ready in case anyone was going to fire on them," said neighbor Sam Murphy. "When I heard it was a hoax, it kind of made more sense because I figured with this neighborhood, nothing ever really happens here."

Officers took electronics and the hacked Xbox in a search for the Canadian hacker who has yet to be identified. Experts said that the hoax reveals frightening flaws in online security. "There is nothing there to stop them. Once they gain accessibility to the machine, they can do whatever they want as long as they have the capability and knowledge to do it," said computer expert Neil Wexell. Wexell said that the easiest way to prevent hackers from gaining access is to keep gaming systems offline when not in use.

hacker gary mckinnon update

Blogger Grant Lawrence reminds us in recent Alternet post, "Mckinnon has said consistently in numerous interviews that the US has advanced Space Fleets that are capable of star travel. He has never backed down from his assertions. Maybe Mckinnon has not said all he knows." A reader should ask what lies behind intense efforts to extradite McKinnon? Lawrence asks in a similar vein, "But what is making the US government so adamant about bringing Mckinnon to justice in the US?" Lawrence is led to a conclusion, the facts of the case would lead many of us, "maybe it is because Gary Mckinnon spilled the beans on what he saw and he shouldn’t have... Secret technologies are evidently supposed to be secret no matter how it would benefit humanity."

al-qaida online jihadism overlooked

A Danger Room article reports Obama's counterterrorism crew missing big picture by focusing on physical war theaters and ignoring internet."As the United States attacks al-Qaida’s physical safe havens, the terrorist response is to congregate in online spaces, where they can’t be blown up by a Hellfire missile or shot by a SEAL." The article does find a more concerted effort by US desktop warriors. "Even if the new White House counterterrorism strategy treats the internet like an afterthought, the operational elements of American counterterrorism are more focused. U.S. Central Command is setting up online stings and infiltrating jihadi message boards." It's doubtful, anything online is ignored by intelligence even those in executive branch.